Saturday, 28 July 2012



Harini nak cerita sikit pasal cerita peribadi aku..

As we all know, whatever relationship will have problems right? Because there is no one perfect in this world.
But this problem comes from me. from my own mistakes. not him.
he didn't do wrong at all..

But me, is the one who always makes trouble to him.. I don't know why.. :'(

After the things happen, I always wondering about what am I'm gonna be when I am at his situations. Maybe I will not accept him again.. :(

But him...,, 
was never give up on me..

That's why I have make decision to choose you..
Because I know only you the one for me.

Who are always besides me,
Who are willing to do anything for my happiness,
Who's who always take care of me,
Who always make me smile,
Who are always want to take care of me for the rest of my life..

I promised you that I will never something stupid again. From now, I know I only love you.. 
Deep in my heart, only you inside it..

Maybe I just forget it at that time,, but now I realised we have been together for a long time. But you never stop massaging me, calling me, hanging out with me without any excuse and feeling bored.


now, I promised you honey that I'll try the best for our relationship..
Bukti cintaku untuk mu... <3



  1. wah wahh wahhh..kemainnnnnnnnn..nikah cepattt! ;D

  2. alolo..sweetnye syg abg nie..<3